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At Natural Body Works, we believe everyone has the ability and the right to be comfortable and Peaceful - at all times! To this end, we offer a wide array of treatments and services, from the most invigorating deep tissue and sports massage, to deeply healing and balancing energy treatments and Hypnosis to the ultimate in spa relaxation and pampering. Our therapists have an average of 10 years of professional experience. They always take the time to speak to you about whatever you are feeling to best assess your needs and establish an approach to the treatment, which will most benefit you. This assessment time is never taken away from your treatment time. You can even schedule a free consultation if you like - with no commitment.

Our Muscular Therapists have been trained to see the "why" behind tension, pain and symptoms in the body - to find the pattern that is creating the symptoms and to help eliminate the cause, always knowing that one of the main keys to releasing discomfort is through relaxation. Our Muscular Therapy treatments are extremely effective at releasing muscle tension and pain, while relaxing, comforting and renewing to the whole body.

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Natural Body Works

We welcome children at Natural Body Works and we are the only practice in our area which accepts children as clients. We feel that children can benefit tremendously from Reiki, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapies and Hypnosis in particular. Many children with issues such as Anxiety symptoms, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Concussion, Migraines, chronic stomach upset, OCD, etc., can benefit from these relaxing and balancing treatments.

"The entire feeling at Natural Body Works is wonderful. The ambience in the waiting room, the aromas, and the friendliness of the entire staff makes people want to come back again and again." Rhonda H.

Young athletes may avoid developing muscular tension holding patterns and chronic injuries with the early intervention of Energy Work and Sports Massage to injured areas. CranioSacral Therapy is extremely effective at releasing the ongoing symptoms of a concussion. Children under eighteen years of age are always accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when visiting NBW for treatment. High school athletes who are injured are offered a discount on treatment at NBW.

Natural Body Works

Our Spa Treatments are given by experienced, professional massage therapists, not by skin care specialists as is common in many spas. Your Spa Treatment will always be a "bodywork treatment" given by highly trained therapists and geared towards your body's individual pattern of tension and your particular needs. Holistic and Group Hypnosis Workshops at Natural Body Works are fascinating, exciting, and mind opening, fun and educational. We believe that there is always something new to learn to help us through our everyday lives and assist us on our journey toward greater health, happiness and prosperity.

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